Thank's for stopping by!

Thank's for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Two for Tuesday!

I'm sure you already know the drill here... but the Teaching Tribune has been sponsoring 2 for Tuesday's this summer! Now that I have a blog... YAY... I am participating... and I am starting with my two biggest products!

They will both be 50% through tomorrow (at least!)!

First up are my 1st Grade Math Posters! They are perfect for a first grade classroom! They address 14 math skills that are taught in first grade! This pack includes anchor charts for each skill as well as several different activities! 

Check them out HERE!!!

The second product that is marked down is my Pre-Primer Activity Pack! This is the biggest activity pack that I have created (almost 300 pages!)!! It is a great tool for practicing Pre-Primer Sight Words. It includes 20 word groupings (6 words in each). Each word group has 4 different activities! There is also an interactive Notebook piece and a bingo review! 

Check it out HERE!!!

Like I said, these will be discounted through tomorrow! 

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  1. I won your 1st grade math posters not too long ago and I absolutely LOVE them! They are so thorough and fun. I can't wait to use them this year and I think this is an awesome deal for anyone interested in buying them!