Thank's for stopping by!

Thank's for stopping by!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Tricks and Treats!!

Working in a Special Education room means running several different groups, on different topics, each day. This year I have a Social Skills, Reading, 2 Writing, and 2 Math groups! That is a lot of different materials to keep track of! I needed a place to store my materials and activities for each group. Last year I used folders and a wire rack... which lasted all of a couple of weeks! This year I was browsing The Dollar Tree for the millionth third or fourth time and I came accross these AWESOME, simple baskets:

Ok... side note... The Dollar Tree is amazing... they also ways have great resources for classrooms... and its a dollar... or twenty depending on how long you are there! =) My hubby no longer lets me go alone...juuuuuust kidding... but seriously! 

I saw these baskets and HAD to get them. You know that feeling you get when you see something... and you aren't quite sure what you are going to use it for... but you know you HAVE to have it? That's the feeling I had for these baskets. I needed them. I would not function with out them! Wow! Was that right on! How is it that they always know what we need?! Seriously! I think a teacher is heading the company up! =) 

Back to the "I can NOT function without these". The week before school started, I started getting group materials ready... and I had no place to keep them. I had 2 drawers in a cabinet, open, and a pile full of baskets... VOILA! I had enough baskets to cover all of my groups, and had a few left. BINGO!! 

We have been in school for 4 weeks and I am in love with this system! It allows for easy planning and a great way to organize the supplies and materials needed!

First, I labeled each basket so that I can keep track of the baskets, and they are easy to locate for other staff (in the very common event that a student has a meltdown and needs my assistance in moving on), and a sub. 

Then, I make my copies, gather my materials, and place them all in the basket. I also include a folder for loose papers or progress monitoring data. 

It has been a life saver this year. It is in close proximity to my group table and all of my things are in one place! 

This idea can easily be adapted to math and reading small groups! =)

Once again, another Dollar Tree find! This blue basket started off as a whiteboard marker/eraser holder. This year, I am sharing a room with one of the other Special Education teachers, which is going well, but has been an adjustment for me. I am used to my own room! My marker basket quickly became a "any possible supply I could need for any of my groups" basket! We have been flip flopping tables and I was continually running to grab a glue stick or a pair of scissors. 

After a few days of this, I decided to change things up a bit! I added to a tin pale from Walmart (party section) and a plastic cup (with the NFL logo of course!) to my blue basket. I put the scissors and glue sticks in the pale and the pencils, pens, high lighters, and dry erase markers in the cup. I stuffed the white board erasers (Facial wipes from... you guessed it... The Dollar Tree!) around the pale and cup! Works perfectly! I can easily set it in my Group Basket and take it to wherever we are meeting! So smooth! 

Treat one comes from one of my favorite products... Word Work Task Cards! These are perfect for practicing spelling/ word work words! Students can independently practice their words in 84 creative ways! All recording sheets and reference sheets are included! Check out this post for more information on them! 

Also... grab this SAMPLE! I have included 1 page (4 task cards) and their recording sheets! Just click on the pictures to grab it!! 


If you are interested in the full version, you can grab it HERE!

Finally, I have discounted my ENTIRE store for the day!! FALL items are 50% off and everything else is 20% off!! Happy shopping friends!!

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