Thank's for stopping by!

Thank's for stopping by!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Stop, Swap and Roll!

I am so excited to be a part of Jungle Learners Stop Drop and Roll link up and give away! I love having the opportunity to use an activity from other TpT authors! It's a great way to connect with other teacher-authors! 

This time around, I was linked up with Alex over at Kindergarten Connection!


I "ran" to her store as soon as I got the match, and then spent the next couple days trying to decide what item I wanted to use! She has sooooo many to choose from! I finally had to use inny minny miennny mow to decide! In the end I landed on her Word Family Wizard for the -AT Family! I have a student that I work one on one with for reading. He is in first grade and came into the year with minimal letter and sound knowledge. We started studying a letter and a basic sight word each week. I mean an intensive study! We drilled the letter and word in multiple ways, over and over and over... you get the idea! He has made HUGE gains in the last few months and I have been looking for an opportunity to move him into word families! When I saw her Word Wizards, I knew this was my chance! Alex was kind enough to send me the whole kit and caboodle for the Short A families!

This pack includes 8 different activities: -at book, trace and write, cut and paste, -at puzzles, roll and write, spin and read, spin and graph and a roll and go game. SERIOUSLY?! She has everything you need to practice these families! My favorite thing about this packet is that there are a variety of activities included. It is not just worksheet after worksheet. Students are writing, they are cutting and they are playing! This is especially important with kiddos in Special Education. We are continually looking for ways to engage students (like any classroom teacher is!). We often require multiple different activities to mix things up a bit! This pack did just that!

Take a look at some of the work he did!  Our regular routine is an activity page on the letter of the week and the word of the week. My kiddo has been in this routine since the year started, so I wanted to keep him in this same routine. I stapled the Trace and Write, Cut and Paste, Roll and Write, and Spin and Graph  into a packet, similar to what he typically sees. Each day we completed one page. We even had time to throw in the board game at the end.

We started with the -At book! We read through the book together and highlighted the ending sounds to show that they are the same. 

**Pictures are of completed activities, as parent permission was not received to use the student in pictures**

Trace and Write

Cut and Paste 

Roll and Write

Spin and Graph

We ended the week playing Roll and Go! Let's just say I got beat... every. single. time! =D

He LOVED it! I am excited to use the other packs with this kiddo as we continue this year! He has made HUGE gains and I know he will only continue to grow. His latest statement (which brings tears to my eyes) is "I'm going to be a reader Mrs. Nystrom. I AM going to read" I can't count the times he has said this in the last couple weeks. My response every time is "You ARE a reader... you are reading books right now"! Activities like this make that possible. He is so proud of the work he is doing and he is recognizing the gains that he is making! What more can a teacher ask for?!

Please make sure you check this pack out! She has a BUNDLE version as well as individual short a packs (-at family, -ad family, -ag family, -an family, -ap family and -am family!

I am also excited that I get to GIVE ONE AWAY!!! Woot! Woot! Enter the raffelcopter below for your chance to win your own bundle!!

Alex also discounted the Short A bundle, as well as other Word Family products! Make sure to grab these great deals!

Make sure you stop by The Kindergarten Connection to see Fun With Digraphs in action as well as enter her giveaway to WIN your very own copy!!

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Don't forget to check out the other great products that were a part of this Stop, Swap and Roll event! Head over to the Jungle Learners for more link ups!! 

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