Thank's for stopping by!

Thank's for stopping by!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Five For Friday

Whew!! It is FINALLY Friday!! This week has been loooong and exhausting! I am ready to move on! Let's do this!!!

 The number 1 thing about this week is that I survived it.... Seriously! As many of you know I had the unfortunate opportunity to participate in the Family Program at a Treatment Center where my amazing brother is. I thought it was going to kill me! My emotions were the highest they have ever been and I was exhausted beyond belief. With that said... I would not change having the experience (minus the brother needing that help). We learned so many valuable things about addiction, letting go (Do you hear Frozen in the background? Because I did. Every.Single.Time. it was said!), and recovering ourselves! 

If you know someone who is in a program or just struggling with addiction just remember: you didn't cause it, you cant change it and you can't cure it... so take care of your self so you can support them when they jump off the roller coaster! 

More to come on how I plan on taking some of these thoughts and ideas and bringing them into my classroom!

And moving onto to something more light-hearted!! I have been in catch up mode since I got home... and I noticed this AWESOME thing last night...

SERIOUSLY?! My little store is growing faster then I can keep up with and I LOVE it!! You guys rock!! If you follow me on Facebook you already know that I love celebrating these milestones!! This is no different!! Bring on the 500!! Lets PARTY... like teachers do... With FREE teaching resources!! 7 More to go!

School starts in a couple of weeks for me! I go back next week and the kiddos come after Labor Day! I can't believe it! This summer just flew by! I feel like they all do, but this one especially! It's nuts! I finally got together with my team yesterday and we got our caseloads figured out! (which is surprising because I brought my munchkin with since I just got home, and he screamed the ENTIRE time we were trying to do it). Now that I have the kiddos and their needs I can start planning and scouring my TpT items for relevant resources! While looking through past downloads I found this awesome resource, and I am totally going to use it this year! 

I can picture it now... "Mrs. Nystrom's Playlist"! 

With a busy week doing other things, I have some things to finish up and post! This is one of them!

This was a request that I found on TpT (yes! people do post requests... and yes! sellers do snap them up!) and I am so grateful she choose me to create it for her because I LOVE it!! =) I am excited to get it finished and posted! If there is something that you would like to see in it (that goes with Daily 5) leave it in the comments and I will try and get it in **annnnd.... I will randomly select a comment to win a copy!!**

Another picture of my Sunshine! I love this kid to the moon and back and back again!

I hope you all have a great Friday and rest of the weekend!!!


  1. Pick me! Pick me! All your items are amazing!

    1. Thank you so much! Please leave me your email address! =)

  2. What a cutie pootootie :) :) Prayers for you and your family as you face these struggles and continue on this journey with your brother..... YAY for 500 followers :)

    1. Thank you! =) Please leave me your email address! =)

  3. Love this! Happy thoughts for your family!

    Melissa Albrecht