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Thank's for stopping by!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Product Swap: Go Dig!!

Hey guys! I have been anxious to do a product swap for a while and was finally able to make it happen! This month, I was lucky enough to be matched with Crystal over at Primary on The Prowl!!

Seriously in LOVE with her logo! =D 
Of course, the first thing I did when I got my match, was head on over to store (HERE) and check out her awesome resources!

I was instantly drawn to Dig It! I am always looking for new ways to practice letter and numbers with my kiddos! We are all about hands on activities in our Learning Center! I work with several 1st graders this year! I run both a Math and Reading group with them! This bundle hit skills in both of their groups!! 

Check out how we used it! 

I decided to print the cards on different colored card-stock paper. I had the game all set up and ready to go when the munchkins came in!

This game is very similar to Go Fish! Students need to collect 3 of the same number. I called them "sets" with my group! Students ask their peers for the number they are looking for. If the peer has it, they hand it over, if they don't, they respond with "Dig It!"! The person with the most sets at the end,  wins! I used a bucket for the "Dig It" pile! Students had to "dig" in to grab their card. 

Demonstrating what a "Set" looks like!

DIG IT! (A student digging for their next card)

My kiddos LOVED this activity! I made a HUGE deal about having to dig for a card and they thought it was the funniest thing! My little lady couldn't stop giggling "This is sooo funny!!" over and over again! =D We have done a lot of letter recognition activities and this is the best that they have done with me this year! They were spouting numbers left and right! 

This is a MUST HAVE activity for any kiddo that needs help with number recognition! They were engaged and thinking during the entire group time! They also loved playing the game! It was a great big relief for me! Moans and groans about number practice get old!

**This is a bundled set!! I am looking forward to using the Alphabet version with my group in a couple of weeks! We are working on letters now! They are a very low group. **

Grab your copy HERE!! It is even discounted for the weekend!! 

I loved this product so much, I am hosting a giveaway for it! 
Enter the Raffelcopter at the end of the post below!!

Make sure you hop on over to Primary on the Prowl and see which product of mine she chose!! 
(It's also discounted!!)

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  1. What a fabulous product! Thank you so much for a great blog post and pictures. It makes my heart so happy when students are having fun while learning! I may have just entered your giveaway and am definitely keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you for participating in the swap! Have a great week! :]

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