Thank's for stopping by!

Thank's for stopping by!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


The SLANT Box Exchange

I discovered SLANT box a couple of months ago and decided it was time to give it a try! Lessons With Coffee organizes the whole thing and does a fantastic job! Read more about it HERE!!

This month I was paired with Tiffany B from Virginia. Man did she nail it!! =) 

First off, her box came on the perfect day! I came home early sick and there it was! Definitely uplifting after having the flu (welcome back to school!)! 

This month's theme was "Hometown Pride". Meaning...items to show off your town or state! Check out these cute chalkboard apples (The apple state!) and super cute earrings from a hometown shop!

And of course... some awesome teaching things! Markers... colorful pens, cute page tags, highlighters, stickers and of course Scentos!!

Tiffany was so thoughtful that she even included something for my munchkin! He LOVES books, especially ones that have things attached to it! I know he will love it!

She clearly figured out and remembered my favorite color!! You will NEVER be able to guess it...

Like I said, she nailed it!!

If you have never done SLANTbox... I highly recommend it! Watch for her next sign up and get in on the fun!

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